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With 30 years of success in the radio and music industry, Mike’s music background ranges from radio programmer, radio programming consultant, and broadcast engineer, to radio host and personality, commercial voice-over actor, and the big voice imaging sound of radio stations, TV, and film.


Early on, Mike was hired as a music and marketing consultant by the world’s biggest record companies including Universal, Columbia, Epic, Virgin, Sony, EMI, Warner, Geffen, RCA, and many others. Mike was responsible for marketing, and charting hundreds of the world’s biggest music artists, resulting in millions of sales, and countless gold and platinum awards. He helped yield top air-play status for artists like Will Smith, Michael Jackson, Smash Mouth, Gwen Stefani, Pink, Korn, Goo Goo Dolls, and many others helping them to the top of the Billboard music charts.


Mike developed a career in music production, writing, and directing. He produced and directed top 40 hits and music videos signed to Universal and Virgin Records which aired on MTV, VH1, and other music stations. Mike has managed talent and worked with clients like Snoop Dogg’s LAPM, Charlie Sheen, Jada Pinkett Smith, Ellen Cleghorne from SNL, Gerardo Mejia, Amanda Perez and more.


In the mid-90s Mike worked with WorldNet Box Office/ClubCast Live as the EVP of Music Content and Acquisitions, helping develop ideas for innovating steaming technologies for artists and labels. Later, it sold to Universal for its technology platform resulting in the creation of digital video on-demand and products like TiVo and DVRs.


While perusing his Bachelors of Science in Business Management, Eric got his start assisting commercial real-estate developers and investors for Creative Environments. He became an investor and partner of the company and assisted in the purchasing and development of historic properties and managed more than 150 unit across 7 different properties. Eric partnered in the licensing and development of the Rolling Stone Restaurant and Bar in the historic Hollywood & Highland center. 


He is now a board member and investor of Blue Star Technologies, an independent blue ray manufacturing facility and independent film production company. 


Eric is also a shareholder of Darby Holdings and several energy companies. Eric worked as a broker or oil, gas, and mineral deposit exploration projects. He facilitates transactions within the oil and commodity community as well as raising capital for domestic and international energy projects.


Tolga Katas is a singer, songwriter, independent record producer and promoter, and software designer and developer. Tolga produced and promoted several multi-platinum artists through his record labels Futura and Summit Entertainment, and contributed significantly to the sales of over 50 million records. With a BMI Song of the Year Award, for “Sending All My Love”, and Songwriters Hall of Fame nomination, Tolga is credited with being one of the first pioneering producers to create a hit song entirely on the computers using digital music production technology. Tolga has founded and developed several companies and technologies throughout his career. Some of his accomplishments include inventing iMixalot, one of the first media players that could easily convert sound designer files using QuickTime technology, developing an image management software called eMaculate, and inventing an internet broadcasting platform known as Flyxo, which distributes movies, music, and more through HD streaming. Tolga Katas founded en2go International, Inc. where the legendary John Draper was the CTO, and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak was on the board of directors.


Paul is best known for founding Modern Records, one of the only independent record labels to go public, with co-founder Danny Goldberg, manager of Nirvana, Bonnie Raitt, and more.

Paul signed and oversaw the solo recording career of multi-platinum legend, Stevie Nicks, the platinum artist Poe, and resurrected the recording career of Natalie Cole.


Paul started his career as the manager of Todd Rundgren at Bearsville Records. Within two years, Paul was elevated to President and Co-Owner of Bearsville Records with legend Albert Grossman, manager of Bob Dylan and Janis Joplin among others. While at Bearsville, Paul oversaw the gold and multi-platinum successes of Todd, Foghat, Paul Butterfield, and more. Paul partnered with Marc Puma at Freefall Management, manager of artists Twisted Sister and Kix, and helped take both acts from 100,000 average sales to multi-platinum.


Paul partnered in music projects with Jimmy Iovine, of Apple Music, Chairman of Interscope Records, and Beats co-founder. Paul also worked as an A&R Consultant for Doug Morris (Chairman of Sony Music Group), and film director Tom Shadyac for his record label, 333 Music. Fishkin was Chairman and co-founder with Tolga Katas of en2go, which included Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, and NARM's 2013 Presidential award winner Ted Cohen, on its Board of Directors.


Paul has had the unique honor of having three songs written and recorded about him by two of the great icons of rock and roll. Todd Rundgren’s hit, “We Gotta Get You A Woman”, “Hang On Paul” by The Nazz, as well as the Stevie Nicks song, “Sleeping Angel”, featured on the Fast Times at Ridgemount High soundtrack, as well as her “Enchanted” compilation CD.


John Thomas Draper is a one on the world’s best known computer scientists, programmer, and developer. John was approached to work at Apple by legends Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, aiding in the development of Apple computers and operating systems. With well over 40 years of experience, Mr. Draper has accomplishments in  innovating, improving, and protecting the digital world with his work in computer programming, ICT (Information and Communication Technology) security, and cyber security.  John developed early fundamental technologies in the telecommunications industry creating the voice and tone activated menus we all use today, and making voicemail capabilities possible. Today John (aka; “Captain Crunch”) is known as a legendary phenomenon in the computer programming, hacking, and security communities worldwide.  He has been portrayed in several documentaries and films about the development of Silicon Valley and tech empires like Apple.


Mr. Greenman graduated from DePaul University for Accounting in 1981 and has over 36 years of experience as a CPA in the entertainment, oil, and hospitality industries. Dan opened his own office, Daniel Greenman & Co., after graduating and has been working in consulting, tax law, compilation, and review and auditing for his various clients. Dan has been a CPA since 1980 and licensed in the state of Illinois since 1993.


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